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16 November 2016

Christmas is coming !

Oh I love Christmas !
I love the preparation, the giving of presants and of course the receiving ;)
But most of all I love the party's
Not only cause this is a time to dance, sing, drink, eat and generally have lots and lots of fun ! But also its a chance to get all your loved ones together, which now days seems to be so rare!

This year Eturnal Night will be having a very special Christmas Party.... It will be fun, it will be white, it will have a Christmas tree.... but it will also be very scary !

Its not just the good ones that like Christmas, its also for the creepy, scary, blood thirsty creatures that hide in the dark !

Yes I know we also have Halloween, but come on, a few sweets and a cut our pumpkin???? its just not enough !

We want to see a splash of red blood on that sparkling snowy floor !

We want to wear our Christmas hats whilst showing our sparkling teeth with a little sweet drop of blood !

And yes, we will enjoy nibbling the innocent victims as they dance and enjoy the festivities, but hey, we are vampires & Lycan's and we need feeding ! RAWRRRRRR

15 May 2013


Dear Family

It's been a long time since I've started neglecting this blog. :p

Such is SLife as we move from one distraction to another. As I write now, my almost-packed luggage is sitting in my bedroom in RL and I will be flying in a few hours. Some of you already know, I am leaving SL for a while in pursuit of a RL project. I am likely to return to SL afterward (not sure when), but I can't be sure because we don't know what RL can throw at us. I am both excited and a little scared but I know this is what I want and what I need, so I'll just have to go through it like a bull if that is what it takes.

But I find that I can't go without leaving a word to EN. I can't leave without telling you how awesome our family is and how wonderful Queen Sashia has been to me.

I woke up this morning to find a message from Queen Sashia, telling me she'll be thinking of me and asking me to keep in contact. She has been showing me concern like this consistently for more than 2 years since I've met her in SL. She is so much more than my roleplay Queen and bloodlines liege, she is a true friend. Through these 2 years, she has supported my idiocrasies very patiently and not only encouraged me in whatever I was exploring to do in SL, she even tried to help. No matter that I was venturing out of EN and bloodlines and didn't contribute much to the family anymore, she has never changed in her caring ways with me. This is the kind of Queen and liege she is, and she is ours. Please take care of her and treasure her well. Oh, I know you already do, I'm just saying.

Other than gushing over our Queen, I also need to let you know that we are an awesome family. Many of you may not have spoken with me or even know me since I am so quiet in EN. I do not join family events due to my RL timezone and I don't speak much in group chat because I suck at group interaction. I even lost interest in bloodlines at some point. But I often read what's going on in our FB page and group chat and you always give me a good giggle. I love your sense of humour, your friendliness and open-heartedness, your contributions, and your perseverance in our family despite some difficulties our family sometimes have during the years. It is your contribution that makes EN what we are today, and EN is a fantastic place to be because of you. I need you to know that everything you do for our family is appreciated by someone who may not say much. I love you all, and you have held an important place in my heart for the last 2 years as I kind of struggled through RL. You were a place of respite for me. Thank you for everything.

Love, Tashi

10 March 2013

Prmotions March 9th 2013

Tonight we celebrated 3 vampires of eturnal night.
all have recently joined eturnal night family have proven to be deathly hunters !

Fujow, Alaestra and Marilyn have all reaced Eturnal Night Hunter status through thier hard work and determination.
we look forward to rewarding them again soon !
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