Welcome to the Official Blogsite of Eturnal Night. We are a family horde of Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans roleplaying through Second Life Bloodlines. For family members, please refer to The Eturnal Family Guide for... guidance. We hope you enjoy our blog. :)

The Eturnal Family Guide

Our Family Values:
1. Respect each individual; treat others as you would like to be treated.
2. Be supportive and helpful to all family members.
3. Be the most driven and most educated Horde in bloodlines.
4. Be happy and have fun!

Our Family Rules
We don't want to be naggy, but we are trying to take care of more than 400 members and we are continuing to grow. It is in our family interest to ensure that our members are as happy as reasonably possible. Our rules may look like a long list, but they are really only here to ensure fairness and respect, and minimise if not avoid conflicts. If you have further questions after reading this, please speak to your liege or any council member.

Family Sim
1. The sim ground is for family members. However, we appreciate that you may bring friends to visit.
2. Skyboxes and village cottages are private. Only visit if you are given permission or invited by the tenant. Please respect their privacy.
3. Please clean up after yourselves. If you rez things, please take them back afterward. Lieges, please ensure that your new joiners take back their crates.

1. Please show proper respect to the Royal members - they work hard and have earned their titles.
2. Royal members may not abuse their privileges too.
3. Personal relationships are... personal. If the relationship doesn't work, it is NOT a family issue, and will only stay between the parties involved. Do NOT bring your relationships into Local Chat, Group Chat or Group Notices.
4. Any abuse or harassment should be reported to a member of the Royal Council immediately. You can contact them via the online indicator at the landing place of Eturnal Night. If you are not sure of how to report abuse, please speak to your liege or another trusted family Vampire/Lycan/Hybrid.

Game Rules in Our Family
1. Do NOT bite/claw anyone without asking. Lieges must emphasis on this rule to all minions when initiating them into our family.
2. No one should bite/claw an angel without first giving an apple. Ideally, the biting/clawing activity should be kept within family members. Lieges and minions should discuss this as soon as the minion joins our family.
3. Containers in the blood room are for turnings and emergency use only. If you need blood/lumen but your liege is not available, please take only 1l of blood or 10 lumens. Containers are group permitted only.
4. If an angel wants to turn into a Vampire/Lycan, you should discuss this with your liege to ensure that you know and can follow all the Bloodlines rules and our family rules.
5. The person who buys the HUD gets the soul, unless agreed differently beforehand. If there is reason to be suspicious that the joiner will steal your money, go to the Bloodlines store and buy the HUD yourself for the joiner. However, if you buy the HUD for the joiner, the joiner must be at least 14 days old.
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