Welcome to the Official Blogsite of Eturnal Night. We are a family horde of Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans roleplaying through Second Life Bloodlines. For family members, please refer to The Eturnal Family Guide for... guidance. We hope you enjoy our blog. :)

Contribute an Article

We would love to have our family members share their Second Life experiences with us.

If you have an article to contribute, please submit it to one of our Blog Moderators:
- Tashi Core (tashicore@gmail.com)
- Queen Sashia Rae (sashiarae@gmail.com)

It is advisable to to inform us in-world of your email submission as well (because we probably check our IMs more frequently than our emails).

Please take note of the following for your article submission.

1. Your article content should be kept to our family's stories as much as possible. Afterall, this blog is about our family. :) Nontheless, if you have anything interesting to tell, please feel free to submit a non-family-related article.

2. Your article must be politics-free and polite.

3. Your article should ideally be advertisement-free. Nonetheless, minimal and moderated advertising is allowed on a case-to-case basis.

4. Your article needs to be in English. We do love other languages, but our ability is limited. SL is a hobby and we don't want to kill our Blog Moderators. :p

5. Pictures are encouraged in your article, although not absolutely required.

6. Not all submitted articles will be published. The Blog Moderators reserve the right to determine if an article will be posted. Notwithstanding, we do our best to put up as many suitable articles as possible.

7. Published articles are subjected to editing as deemed appropriate by the Blog Moderators.

8. The Blog Moderators' decision is final.

For further enquiries, please send a notecard in-world to Tashi or Queen Sashia, or catch us in IM.

If you wish to write for our blog on a regular basis, please read our Blogger Criteria and contact Tashi to discuss.
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