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30 January 2011

"Hanging" Out

From left: Tashi and LeonWarrans

Picture from Knight Radar

Hanging: Tashi and LeonWarrans
Standing from left: Knight Radar, Queen Sashia and Samanthe

Um, don't know why we were standing in a circle with a street lamp...

Clockwise from left: Stan, Queen Sashia, Knight Radar, Tashi, Samanthe, LeonWarrans and the street lamp

Post by Tashi Core

Baby Sampiro :)

Greetings my wonderful family, :)

On the 24th of January our beautiful Vampire Ritzye Coy, gave birth to a little man by the name of Sampiro Mysty Coy. I was honoured to be there by her side to hold her hand as this magical moment happened. We welcome you Sampiro into our family and love you so much... On a personal note I along with some others would like to share our wishes. :)

I remember the first time I noticed my lovely Vampire Ritz pregnant; she had her cottage over at the old village and games. I along with Radar and Angel were visiting and I noticed in local that there was something talking in Ritz's belly. lol I IMed her and said "I see a congratulations is in order :)" After talking awhile of course the question comes up and I said I didn't know she was with anybody, so she had told me she was immaculate and the daddy was a jug. lol Thank God Sampiro got his looks from Ritz and not the jug. lol Such a beautiful baby we love so much, with a beautiful mom we have grown so close. Welcome to our family Sampiro. :) And such a great job you did Ritz. :) You continue to make your liege proud. :) And a note to the jug... Too bad, I'm taking your spot as dad. :P lol
Eturnal Night Elder, Myst Palmira

I am so proud of Ritz and how well she did giving birth to little Sampiro! I get a new Nephew to spoil! =P I wish you both the best Sis!
Eturnal Night Dragomira Kanashimi

We've been waiting FOREVER for little Sampiro Myst Coy, and of course SL kept me away. I went to reboot before the magical arrival and I couldn't get back in on time... 40 minutes fighting, and cussing as Ms Coy was pushing and pushing made it in but nothing would rez for me at the hospital. After all this finally saw him at home, he's gorgeous, absolutely perfect. Mommy is lovely as ever and looking like the vamp we know her to be. I wish mommy and baby all the best, kisses.
Eturnal Night Mentor, Em Scorpio

From uncle Radar,
Hello sweet Sampiro, after waiting for a long time in your mommies tummy and making us all smile with you kicking around, you decided to enter our family on 24th of January. We all went to the hospital and were nerves as hell but my brother Myst and sister Mira were there with mom Ritz to assist but all went well and we are so
happy to meet you, you brought a big smile on my face and your niece Reica is burping with joy. Soon she will compose an wonderful tune for you on her piano... kiss and hugs.
P.S Eturnal Night bridge will never be the same for me, but I tell you later when you are older. ;)
Eturnal Night Royal Knight, Radar Hawklord

My lovely nephew Sampiro.
Hello Sweet Prince! We were looking forward to the birth of you. You were a boy who often chatted energetically at the time that existed in the average of Ritz mama's tummy. We always heard your voice and know you kicked your mom's tummy. In the waiting room in the hospital, your Radar uncle, Radar, WOLFIE and Black were there. Your cousin's baby Reica also waited while playing with her toy piano. It was so exciting and tons of butterflies flying our stomach. This day became remarkable day for all of us. Supported by a lot of love and you were born in this world. Really adorable my nephew. :0 I Love You so much.
Dear Mom Rityze :)), hugs you and kisses on your baby boy had come!! Always loving you...
Eturnal Night Event's Co-ordinator, Angellica Oakleaf

Firstly I would like to thank Ritzye for allowing me to be a part of the birth of such an amazing looking child. It was such an amazing feeling just to be there at the hospital and waiting, so thank you again and may the future bring you all the joy that you both deserve. :)))) Welcome to the family Sampiro, we are overjoyed at your arrival. And Rits to you a wow what can I say what more could a child want but a mom like you. :))))))
Eturnal Night Vampire, WOLFIE Dreddmor

Thanks everyone for their support for Ritz and again I am so proud of you. :)

Respectfully, Sampiro's goddaddy lol
Myst Palmira

Post by Myst Palmira

29 January 2011

Tashi's and Daemonn's Turning

Yes! I am now a Hybrid! ...

It feels funny congratulating myself on behalf of my family. :p It's a good thing that Daemonn chose the same day and my attention can be diverted to congratulate him instead.

Congratulations Daemonn, our new Vampire! I am so glad that we are (sort of) turning twins! :D

Ok, I'll shut up now and let you all enjoy the pictures.

First we have our beloved Queen Sashia turning me.

Picture from Queen Sashia

Picture from Knight Sher

Daemonn's liege, Devon

Picture from Queen Sashia

Emilyanna looked worried. :p

Picture from Queen Sashia

Actually Daemonn looked a little worried too. :X

Picture from Queen Sashia

It all went very well. Both of us transited very smoothly into our respective species and we would like to thank our family for all your support and kindness.

Post by Tashi Core

28 January 2011

Promotions of January 2011

We would like to congratulate the following family members on their promotions!

High Princess
* Sariel Abbot
* Kaiyla Solari

Royal Knight
* Radar Hawklord

EN Knight
* Sher Monday

Royal Council
* Anya Asteria
* Donna Somersly
* Emmett Mixmaster
* Rich Lombardia

Thank you for all your hard work in making our family the best one ever!

Cheers, Tashi

Post by Tashi Core

21 January 2011

Valentt - Sexy Vamp !!!

The ceremony was a bit hasty because Valentt could not stay long, however, everything went well and he is an awesome vampire now.

I had wish I could take the time to share it with the rest of the family, the next time I would not miss.

I love you all very much, and Valentt, I am very proud of you. :))

La cérémonie a été un peu précipitée, car Valentt ne pouvais pas rester longtemps, cependant, tout c'est bien déroulé, et Valentt fait un impressionnant vampire maintenant.
J'aurais aimé pouvoir prendre le temps de partager cela avec le reste de la famille, la prochaine fois, je n'y manquerais pas.

je vous aime tous très fort, et Valentt, je suis très fière de toi. :))

Post by Abyss Giordano

19 January 2011

Mila's Turning

On Monday, Mila joined us over on the dark side as she turned into one sexy vamp! I've had the pleasure of being Mila's liege and sister. In her three months in sl and our family, she continually helps others, supports them, and is eager to be the best vamp she can be.

After the ceremony, Mila went on her first hunting trip and found her first soul and our newest angel Adenan! Congrats on your turning and your first addition to the family. I'm so proud of you Mila!

Princess Kaiyla

Goodbye human, hello vamp! (Mila Wildmist, Princess Kaiyla, Emmett Mixmaster, Holly Fralto, Christie Wildmist)

Joining Adenan into the family as her first soul! (Emmett Mixmaster, Yiffy Foxdale, Adenan, Mila Widlmist)

Post by Princess Kaiyla

16 January 2011

Baby Reica Taka-Lucas Hawklord-Oakleaf

Birth date: 15 January 2011

Name: Reica Taka-Lucas Hawklord-Oakleaf

Both mother and child are in good health and taking a rest. Angellica and me express our sincerest gratitude for your never dying support while Angel was pregnant!

(Daddy) Radar Hawklord

Some of my family members get together at Em's garden, and they gave great congrats for our baby Reica. :))

Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment.

My dear Princess Sariel, Mentor Em , Sis Ritzye, Dragomira, Cordelia, Naomi , Bro Paulo and his lovely gf Kellie!

And thanks for your coming our home,Sis Carleaner and Bro Eric. ♥♥

Our baby marks a new beginning in our life. :))

It was a really great moment sharing this happiness with my awesome Eturnal Night family.

I feel so much joy in my heart and it's all because of you, my beloved Hus Radar and my family!!

And Sis Ritzye, your turn will be coming soon! winks ☆★☆

The best wishes for a new arrival who will bring you heaven on earth.

Hereafter, our clan's pleasure and happiness will continue.

Thanks everyone!!
Cheers for Eturnal Night!!!
Angellica Oakleaf Hawklord

My sisters drew the comments:

Comment from Mentor Em Scorpio: We are thankful for this day the sl gods has bestowed upon us. I am happy to have the pleasure of meeting Reica, the daughter of my dearest family members Radar and Angellica. She is absolutely gorgeous, whispers "looks like mommy", again we thank you sl gods, lol. The day was looking to be an even better one as the family stopped by and chilled in the garden, Mira, Radar, Angellica, Paulo, Ritz, Cordelia and Paulo's special someone Kellie, and friends... Mira acting lady of the lake as you can see, Radar the most feared vamp looking soft (never thought I'd see the day) hehehe. We can be sure our family will continue to grow by the week and I am loving it... Looking forward to more family outings.

Comment from Cordelia Silverpath: Angelica and Radar, I'd really love to take this opportunity to congratulate you both on your newest arrival. Babies bring such complete joy and happiness to our lives, cherish every moment no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Every moment is special if you make it that way. From snuggles, cuddles and loves down to diaper changes, it is all magical when you think how much that little thing will learn from you both. You get to shape another life, what a privilege. I love you both so much, and am truly so happy for you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of welcoming your little princess into our family.

**pics taken by em Scorpio, Cordelia Silverpath and Radar Hawklord

With Best Regards and LoveXXX
From Your Angellica

Post by Angellica Oakleaf and Radar Hawklord

Friends Of Eturnal Photo Event

Hey there my sweet family, Cordelia here with a report on the family photo event of January 7th.

A wonderful time was had by all we were so happy to see so many family members show up and take part. Thank you so much for all who were able to show up and make it such a fun event.

I cannot wait to gear up for the new year and there are loads more super fun events for you all to take part in. Keep your eyes peeled for SPECIAL NOTICES regarding upcoming events. This is the best family in all of SL, and we are working hard to keep it that way.

We are called FRIENDS OF ETURNAL NIGHT, and please feel free to IM Cordelia Silverpath, Angellica Oakleaf, or Princess Kaiyla Solari with any suggestions you may have as far as upcoming events you'd like to see put in the works. We are open to suggestions from everyone new family members and Royalty. These events are for YOU, our family to take part in so anything you'd like to see happen you gotta let us know.

Thank you again my lovely family,
Long live EN!

Cordelia Silverpath

Post by Cordelia Silverpath
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