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19 March 2012

Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Amazing venue and great music!
Everybody looked amazing
... and... uhm... green

Cheers, Radar

Introducing myself in the blog team

Dear family,

Recently I joined the blog team, YAY! I will do my best to cover any major events running in the family with pics, YouTube movies and yes... queezy stories. Of course I can't do this all alone so on occasion I will ask to take pictures, provide background information, additional text or ask advise of our seasoned bloggers.

Who am I?

Radar Hawklord, Royal Knight, and Elder of the Eturnal Night family. I love Second Life for it's sheer unlimited posibilities to express myself. Yes, that's actually how I kinda got trapped in this vampire business... and no regrets. ;) I share my SL life with my wife Wicked Hawklord, daughter Reichan, son Aki and soon a new baby to cuddle. Hawklord Haven is our home and an expression of Wicked and me of our little heaven. You are welcome any day to visit but the SIM is not open to public (privacy reasons) so drop an IM or nc if you want to come, we will make an exception rule.

My main bussines in Eturnal Night is education and warfare. Education in the broadest meaning... specialised in some topics (warfare bloodlines/DCS2, bloodlines, general SL issues) but trained in educational systems. Warfare I sort of stumbled in... and still work in progress... but here applies the rule: the road is more interesting then the goal. Another *profession* I sort of stumbled in is being a minister at weddings. I always feel honoured to do this and everytime it is special. Ofc. I don't and can't do this alone... I'm supported by many brothers and sisters. Recently I added filming in virtual worlds to my activities, which is incredibly fun to do. I'm still in a learning progress here so if you have any experience and advice it will be accepted gladly.

Some ideas are popping in my head as I write. For example:
* celebrity interviews
* following the war efforts

For now I say: let's blog!

Cheers, Radar

15 March 2012

Tony and Lilli's Wedding

My grandaughter and her loving husband as they tied the note and made their sl commitment of love and happiness together.

Congrats to you both, xxx

Post by Queen Sashia

Eturnal Night Xmas Ball 2011

I know we haven't blogged for a while, but I though a good catch up on a few past events is needed. I will keep the words to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves...

Yet another amazing and fun family event, concluding 2012 in a glamarous fashion.

Post by Queen Sashia
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