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23 May 2011

War is the current craze.

Queen Sashia (dead, in black): phone brb
Lonely (dead, wedged in the ground): haha ok

Post by Tashi Core

19 May 2011

All dead.

Ok, need.more.training.

Clockwise from left: LeonWarrans or Paulo, Angel, LeonWarrans or Paulo, Tashi

Picture from Tashi Core

07 May 2011

LucindaFallen's Turning

I've known you for only a very short time, but we seem to just fall in together. I am very honoured that you have chosen me to do your turning in spite of my, err, inexperience. Thank you for becoming my guinea pigfirst turnee.

And congratulations, Lucinda our new Night Vampire!

Post by Tashi Core
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