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18 June 2012

Bikers week preps

Kuddos to Kit, Sabrina and Night for setting up this amazing bikers place. I would love to have the roadhouse on the SIM! Cheers, Radar

Hawklord family

Where is Siena starts to crawl around, enjoying her tub and watches teletubies @ Hawklords Haven

13 May 2012

The Transformation of our Brother Zek from Night Angel to Night Vampire! May your fangs be sharp! Congrats!

The Turning Of Wolfie Dreddmor from Vampire to Hybrid, creature thats scratches and bites !

Welcome to this wonderful event, the transformation of our brother Wolfie from Vampire to Hybrid!
Do you, Wolfie, welcome the power of the Moon into your soul? Do you, Wolfie, vow to scratch and bite and quench your thirst on the sweet glowing lumen?
With a swift strike of his mighty Lycan claw Wolfie leaves his Mark on the Queen and begins his life as the powerful EN Hybrid!
Wolfie accepts the howling power of the moon and the essence rushes through his vains and engulfs his soul...
Post by Queen Sashia

19 March 2012

Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Amazing venue and great music!
Everybody looked amazing
... and... uhm... green

Cheers, Radar
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