Welcome to the Official Blogsite of Eturnal Night. We are a family horde of Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans roleplaying through Second Life Bloodlines. For family members, please refer to The Eturnal Family Guide for... guidance. We hope you enjoy our blog. :)

The SL Bloodlines System

Disclaimer: All content written in this page is solely inspired by our personal experience with playing the SL Bloodlines game, and is only intended for helping our family members play with better understanding. It is NOT an official representation of the SL Bloodlines game system. Please visit the official SL Bloodlines website at http://www.slbloodlines.com/ for the official game guide.

We are not repeating the game guide here either, merely highlighting some noteworthy points.

- All players start out as humans, although some may choose to turn into vampire/lycan/hybrid roles immediately. (Our family discourage immediate turnings as we believe that new members should learn the game before making an informed choice.)

- The various Huds (Vampire, Lycan, Human) give players the game abilities specific to their nature, but do not determine the players' species. E.g. the human can own a Vampire or Lycan Hud only. The vampire/lycan/hybrid can also use a Human Hud.

- However, the player needs the Vampire Hud to be a vampire, a Lycan Hud to be a lycan and both the Vampire and Lycan Huds to be a Hybrid. This is because of the unique abilities of the Vampire and/or Lycan Huds to embrace and/or enrage the player into their respective species.

- The game apparently allows humans to collect souls and minions, but their soul count will not total up to their lieges' the way the vampires'/lycans' would.

- The War Hud operates separately from the Bloodlines ranking.

... To be continued ...
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