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12 June 2011

Eturnal Night Summer Ball - Part 2

Eturnal Night Summer Ball

Juni 11th 2011

Pictures of some couples at the Ball.

Queen Sashia dancing with Tarue

Donna and Nakotic

Em and her husband Ned

Cordelia and Southern
(Welcome back home Cor)

Alice and Jasper
(And for you as well, welcome back home)

Eturnal Night Summer Ball - Part 1


Juni 11th - 2100

Here some some general pictures of our wonderful Summer Ball.

Family and friends together, dancing talking, laughing and having so much.

The place looked wonderful, coloured lights lighting up the place.

Just look at the pictures, they say more than words will.

Thank you so much for this Ball Queen Sashia,
we all had a Ball! ;D

10 June 2011

The turning of Leon into a Night Lycan

The sky was dark and clouds were gathering. At a deserted place on the Eturnal Night land, the Night Family is gathering to witness one off their ceremonies. Tonight is the night where the family will loose one off their Angels but as Leon is turning, it will not be a loss forever but the gaining off a new Lycan to the family.

Queen Sashia is perfoming the ceremony, asking Leon to take the oath, continuing the ceremony...

... and clawing at him like a wild beast, making sure Leon is becoming fully Lycan.

Dark clouds surround Leon while he receives the dark gift of his Queen.

After the ceremony, the family congrats Leon, their newest Lycan.

Behold Leon, Eturnal Night Lycan

Post by Donna Somersley
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