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30 October 2011

Eturnal Night's Halloween Dance 2011 and 1st Year Anniversary!

Wow, this was one amazing night, the costumes were awesome, so many scary creatures I wouldn't be surprised if we all had nightmares that night. ;)

Thank you everyone for helping to decorate the hall, and for joining the party, love you all. xxx

We topped 40 ppl on the SIM, which is an all time record, with family and friends joining the fun.

Night Guard Ari, Night Guard Deep and Med, and Princess Anya

Mira, looking awesome, one amazing costume!

Night Guard Nak, you crack me up, and that bunny definitely gives me nightmares!

From Left to right: Nak, Med, Deep, Lilli, Tony, Daniel, Tim, Sashia and Shadowwolf.

Karen, you look amazing, angelic but also fearsome...

From left to right: Nak, Sashia breaking her back, Islandnight, Tim, Mugs, Karen, Shadow lurking, and Bunny :)

Carleaner in her pointy witches hat but still looking sexy as always. :)

Shadow and Bunny dancing.

Omg Donna...!!! Bride of Chucky, joined by Nak as the scary bunny!

Who said pumpkins don't bite??? Med being chewed up by the evil giant pumpkin whiles Deep and Tony watched and giggled, cheeky buggers!

The ghostly figure of Mugs. :)

Pre-party, trying to warm up my dead body. lol

Royal Angel Em and her husband Ned. :)

Post by Queen Sashia

Ghost Queen and... her bunch of ghosts

From left: Queen Sashia, ... Karen or Mseve or Tashi or Terra or Tim, who knows?

Picture by Tashi Core

26 October 2011

Who's who ????

Um, what to say...????

Club Eturnal had it's strangest event so far, inspired by the guys who seem to like wearing girls' clothes, you know who you are. :P

So Jenny had a fantastic idea of holding a x dressing event at Club Eturnal, allowing us all to be someone else for a night. :)

I have to say I was really impressed with how much effort everyone put into this contest, and it made us all double take trying to figure out who is who.....!!!

So let's see, can you tell who???

Post by Queen Sashia

Queenie's Turning

One dark night while the stars glowed brightly in the sky, the creatures of the night gathered to witness the birth of another vampire, thirsty for the taste of blood.

Queenie, our sister, our friend welcomed the dark gift as all family looked on, excited to welcome our new sister.

Welcome Queenie, Night Vampire.

Post by Queen Sashia

Is there romance and love in SL?

I dare to say, YES.

Who would've thought meeting someone by chance in a store would change their lives?
Ned Spore met me Em Scorpio in some hair store in July 2010, introduced by family and although, Ned may say for him it was love at first sight I am not too sure it was for me because I was trying hard not to meet anyone.

After beating around the bush, he finally pursued me with family's consent, of course I knew nothing of this. Our first "date" was in a clothing store, lol.I am always shopping, it was the best place to find me, ladies and gentlemen, he was very nice but I crashed, had a hard time logging back on.

Another date was made, nerves ran wild spent the day dolling up and was picked up from my home, arrived at our designation and I was a cloud. Can you say,kill me now?
I ran, hid inder a bridge, fell in the water, decided I was better off under there, of course he left at me and with me. After seeing how upset I was, he calmed me down and I think I fell in love at that moment.

He was so patient and caring, he made me feel great. We dated and after a while our romance took off, he was and is the perfect gentleman, never tried to push himself on me, I actually thought I was unattractive, I was almost too aggressive to tell you the truth, he wanted us married before anything physical happened.

Well to make long story short and fly over A LOT of saucy details, let's just say I got my ways. We married on the 27th October 2010. The most nervous and beautiful day in my SL life. Everything was perfect except that I forgot my bouquet,of course.

After few months we were blessed with our daughter Olivia, scariest time in SL. Nervous mom and dad, had a lot to learn and did fast, it was not easy. In June we had Ned jr, experience was easier amd we had a great time. The children are spoiled and we spoil each other, we try to make time for each other as best we can, respect each other, put each other's needs in check, and continue to romance as when we first met and dated.

It's hard to believe we've been together over a year and now celebrating our wedding anniversary. I want to thank you Mr Spore for loving me and giving me a chance to love you. Remember that warning I gave you before you went upstairs,when I gave you that tour of my house?

Happy Anniversary my love!!!

Post by Royal Angel Em

09 October 2011

Coolest Clan

Here's to the coolest Queen in the world.

And the bravest Royal Knight.

Post by Tashi Core
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