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26 March 2011

The bike craze expanded.

Clockwise from left: King Sameul, Paulo, Baby Reica, Angel, Tashi, Council Emmett, Eric and Council Abyss

(Don't worry Radar, your wife and kid are in safe hands.)

Paulo's bike had an issue with Emmett's car.

And more. I was getting sleepy and didn't really know what was going on anymore. I have a vague memory that Eric tried to stealborrow my bike though, so, yeah. Did it really happen? :p

Post by Tashi Core

Anthea's Turning

What a wonderful night!

Tonight Sapiency and his lovely wife Anthea joined our family, as Duke and Duchess, bringing with then their own wonderful family members.

On the same night Anthea welcomed the Dark Gift and became one Sexy Vampire!!

Congrats Anthea, and a huge welcome to you all.

Queen Sashia

Stan Turns Vampire... Rawww!!!

Stan has been a wonderful member of our family for a while now.

Always welcoming and friendly to all family members.

On this dark night, the waiting was over, and Stan recieved the dark gift to join the creatures of the night.

Congrats Stan!!!

Great Turning Duchess Abyss. :)

Queen Sashia xxx

24 March 2011

Emilyanna's Turning

The past is now washed away to reveal a new me with a new attitude. The future is looking brighter all the time.

I would like to thank all who attended my turning and the party afterwards! I love my Eturnal Family and I appreciate all the love and support I receive and hope to now be able to give some back.

Post by Emilyanna

22 March 2011

16 March 2011

LonelyStalker Turning

On a dark night, an Eturnal Angel made the commitment to become a creature of the night.

LonelyStalker was welcomed into the Eturnal Turning room, accompanied by her Liege and so many Eturnal family and friends. Abyss drained her of blood, not dropping a single drop, lol.

Queen Sashia and Vampire Anaell took the final two bites of Lonely's humanity, with which she said farewell to the day, with the human essence draining away from the bright white light.

Her liege gently encouraged Lonely to drink from the blood vessel, to give her a new beginning, a life of darkness, but with great power and heightened senses.

Lonely, eagerly drank the warm tasty blood, and welcomed the darkness.

What an awesome new vampire.

Welcome Night Vampire LonelyStalker!!!

Post by Queen Sashia

Greetings everybody, I was working on my studio with help from Ahra and Moonlight when I asked Samir to come stop by. When he came and saw Ahra and Moonlight dancing, he gave us lasers and then gave a dance tool. After a while it turned into a little rave when Samir had to leave but soon after Sama flew by and joined us and we just had a goo family time. :) Wanted to add this to the blog because it is spontaneous moments like this that makes us such a great family. Thanks for reading and good day to you all.

Post by Night Mentor Myst Palmer

The Bike Craze Keeps Going On..........

Radar and Angel at their beach with Radar's Hell Bike. Bike was built by chocolatebadger.

Keep sending in those posts xxx

Post By Royal Knight Radar Hawklord.

50's night @ Club Eturnal

Just our family having fun :)

Crazy pics from our 50's event night at Club Eturnal.

Got to love the outfits!!!

Huggies xxxx

Post by Queen Sashia

Samanthe Mirror - Hybrid

Our Dear Family Vampire Sama made the transition from Vampire to Hybrid.

Welcoming both the night and moon, the fangs and claws, the Raaaawwwwwwww and the Hooowwwllll!!!

Congrats Sama, Eturnal Hybrid!!!

Post by Queen Sashia

15 March 2011

Japan/Pacific Crisis Relief Efforts

After the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, Second Life has tied up with the American Red Cross to collect donations to help those in need. By purchasing a Linden Relief Bear from the Marketplace, 100% of the proceeds will be donated by Second Life to this cause.

As a family, we have decided to show our support and love for those suffering in this time of need. A donation bottle has been placed outside Club Eturnal to gather donations for this worthy cause. All lindens donated will be used to purchase the Relief Bears and the money will get sent right away. Donations will be accepted through Sunday, March 20th.

Our current goal is to raise 10,000L and we are already at 75% of our goal just two days in. We hope to not only meet this goal but exceed it.

Thank you for your contributions, thoughts, and prayers for those affected by this horrible tragedy. We support you and we are here for you!

Post by Kaiyla Solari

(The following is added by Tashi Core.)

This is another way to help contribute to the cause.

An impressive group of some 250 SL designers have gotten together to hold a fundraising event which will start on 16 March 2011 SLT 12am. Proceeds will be donated to the Americares efforts for the same Crisis.
SLurl is here: World of Beauty (204, 146, 1003).

I have added this bit of information because I know that some of our ladies (including myself) shop very regularly. I would encourage all shoppers to conveniently shop at this event and support the residents of SL who want to contribute their share.

Thank you so much, we are the best family ever!

13 March 2011

Updates from Baby Reica

Greetings my Eturnal Night Family!

Spring has come our home SIM. Full of spring flowers appeared on our garden meadow.

My beloved husband Radar worked hard and constructed the new beach and the undersea world. We can enjoy the beautiful world in water from the submarine's window. Also possible to swim with tropical Fishes like mermaid in there! (It's sooo amazing and wonderful, thank you my beloved!)

Our little princess Baby Reica loves her new beach and flower meadows. She is chilling with her daddy and mommy on the beach, with the soothing sound of the waves in the background. (This new beach is named "Reica's Beach".)

We witnessed a sunrise, sunrays glittering on surface of the waves. Later we enjoyed a beautiful sunset together. The eastern sky and horizon faded in sweet pink glow. We could share these beautiful moments and our lovely place with the ones we love.

Our Reica brings us 10 billion happiness and adorable scenes. I love you sweety Reica!

She also loves music, singing along with her toy piano and mommy's grand piano. Of course she can play the piano herself! While playing the piano tunes, she loves to hum the lyrics.

The year's at the spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearl'd;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in His heaven--

All's right with the world!

(by Robert Browning)

Pics and Post by Radar Hawklord and Angellica Oakleaf
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