Welcome to the Official Blogsite of Eturnal Night. We are a family horde of Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans roleplaying through Second Life Bloodlines. For family members, please refer to The Eturnal Family Guide for... guidance. We hope you enjoy our blog. :)

About Us

Eturnal Night is a family horde of Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans roleplaying through Second Life Bloodlines. We are led by our glorious Queen Sashia Rae along with a team of devoted Council members and Elders. And not forgetting that every beloved member of our family makes us who we are.

In this blog, we shall diary our incredible journey as a family. We will share our fun and love, and we want to remember what we have with each other. In Second Life, people often come and go, but those who have been with us will not be forgotten through our blog.

We will also be using this blog to keep our family updated with Family and Bloodlines and Second Life news.

The following is a list of our family leaders and members in-charge:

* Sashia Rae - Night Queen
* Donna Somersley - Royal Princess
* Radar Hawklord - Royal Knight
* Anya Asteria - Night Princess
* Tashi Core - Night Royal Vampire
* Em Scorpio - Night Royal Angel
* Carleaner Carfield- Night Countess

Royal Council / Council
* Sashia Rae - Night Royal Council
* Anya Asteria - Night Royal Council
* Carleaner Carfield - Night Royal Council
* Donna Somersley - Night Royal Council
* Em Scorpio - Night Royal Council
* Radar Hawklord - Night Royal Council
* Tim Riegler - Night Royal Council
* Arianna - Night Council
* Emmett Mixmaster - Night Council
* Deep Squall - Night Council
* Mira - Night Council
* Mugs Malone - Night Council
* Nak - Night Council
* Ritz - Night Council

Club Eturnal
* Sashia Rae - Owner

EN Blog
* Tashi Core - Blog Admin/Editor
* Sashia Rae - Blog Admin

EN Elders
* Radar Hawklord - Night Elder

EN Events
* Anya Asteria - Events Manager

Eturnal Legion
* Radar Hawklord - Commander

Click Here to check out the rest of our family members.

If you want to know more about our Family, Bloodlines or Second Life, please contact Tashi Core or Queen Sashia Rae.
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