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16 November 2016

Christmas is coming !

Oh I love Christmas !
I love the preparation, the giving of presants and of course the receiving ;)
But most of all I love the party's
Not only cause this is a time to dance, sing, drink, eat and generally have lots and lots of fun ! But also its a chance to get all your loved ones together, which now days seems to be so rare!

This year Eturnal Night will be having a very special Christmas Party.... It will be fun, it will be white, it will have a Christmas tree.... but it will also be very scary !

Its not just the good ones that like Christmas, its also for the creepy, scary, blood thirsty creatures that hide in the dark !

Yes I know we also have Halloween, but come on, a few sweets and a cut our pumpkin???? its just not enough !

We want to see a splash of red blood on that sparkling snowy floor !

We want to wear our Christmas hats whilst showing our sparkling teeth with a little sweet drop of blood !

And yes, we will enjoy nibbling the innocent victims as they dance and enjoy the festivities, but hey, we are vampires & Lycan's and we need feeding ! RAWRRRRRR

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